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Karate Programs

Our Martial Arts Program
American Martial Arts Academy offers Korean based self defense and Karate programs for children to adults. Our program focuses on building self confidence and character and strives to provide our community with a self defense program that will meet the needs of all individuals. We strive to promote students who demonstrate respect for their parents and community. We encourage students to do well in school and to be positive role models for others.

American Martial Arts was founded in 1998 in Lavale, Maryland by Mr. Tom Striplin. American Martial Arts Academy teaches an American Freestyle curriculum. The curriculum is a combination of (Korean) Tae Kwon Do and (Korean) Tang Soo Do techniques. The school teaches emphasizes forms, combinations, self defense, and fighting techniques.

Women's Self Defense
American Martial Arts offers a special women's self defense program internationally known as "Rape Escape". The program was founded by Brad Parker (Defend University) Phoenix, AZ. Tom Striplin became internationally certified to teach Rape Escape in April of 2004. The program is only open to women!! Please check to see dates and times when the rape escape classes are offered. This is must prevention course for teenage girls and adult women.

Little Draggons
American Martial Arts has a program for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years of age.  This program teaches some basic stances, kicks, punches and bo staff.

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